A Team Approach for Superior Care

The treatment of atrial fibrillation is multi-faceted. Our experienced team offers the clinical expertise that patients need for precise diagnosis and optimal treatment. This customized care begins with referral from a patientís cardiologist or primary care physician. After receiving the patientís medical records and cardiac test results, Dr Smith and his staff will consult with the referring physician in a complete clinical assessment.

Each member of your care team specializes in treating atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias. Care teams typically include specialists such as an Electrophysiologist (Dr Smith), a Cardiologist, an Echocardiographer, an Anesthesiologist, as well as Nurses, Technologists and specialized technical support staff. Additionally, many departments within the hospital will play a role in your care, including Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory, Dietary and others.

  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants - These team members have advanced education and training. They work with physicians and also see patients independently to help with issues that arise during and after treatment.
  • Electrophysiology laboratory nurses - These hospital-based nurses are specially trained to care for patients undergoing procedures to treat atrial fibrillation. They will be your main contact during your procedure.
  • Electrophysiology laboratory technicians - The electrophysiology lab staff is trained in the use of specialty equipment and facilities in the electrophysiology lab. They help care for patients during procedures.
  • Technical Support Staff - These team members are typically not hospital employees, but rather dedicated clinical experts that operate advanced technologies to assist the physician.
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