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Dr. Smith is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology. One of the few physicians practicing advanced cardiac electrophysiology in Alabama, Dr. Smith treats patients from all over the state.


A recent study of nearly 94,000 A-Fib procedures concluded that "operators who perform less than 25 AF ablations and centers that perform less than 50 AF ablations annually  pose the greatest risk to patients." Dr. Smith performs over 300 AF procedures per year with outstanding results.


Welcome! Please enjoy exploring our web site and we hope you find it informative. We have included pages for many of the common arrhythmias Dr Smith treats on a regular basis, as well as an in depth look at Atrial Fibrillation and your treatment options.


September is A-Fib awareness month. Click here to learn more about the disease and treatment options.

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